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Online dating has become increasingly popular over the years, and OkCupid.com is one of the most well-known dating platforms available today. Founded in 2004, OkCupid.com has grown to become one of the most popular dating websites, with millions of users worldwide. What sets OkCupid.com apart is its advanced matching algorithm, extensive user profiles, and unique question system that helps to match users based on compatibility. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features, pros and cons, success stories, and tips for success on OkCupid.com. Whether you’re a seasoned online dater or just getting started, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of your experience on OkCupid.com.

Features of OkCupid.com

OkCupid.com offers a range of features to help users find their perfect match. Here are some of the key features of the platform:

Advanced Matching Algorithm: OkCupid.com’s matching algorithm is based on a series of questions that users answer when they create their profiles. The algorithm uses the answers to these questions to match users based on compatibility.

User Profiles: OkCupid.com allows users to create detailed profiles that include information about their interests, lifestyle, and personality. Users can also upload photos and answer open-ended questions to provide more insight into their personalities.

Messaging: Users can send and receive messages on OkCupid.com to communicate with their matches. The platform also offers a “Quickmatch” feature that allows users to quickly rate and connect with potential matches.

DoubleTake: OkCupid.com’s DoubleTake feature allows users to swipe through potential matches and see more detailed information about them. Users can also “like” or “pass” on these matches.

A-List: OkCupid.com offers a paid subscription service called A-List that provides additional features, such as the ability to see who has liked your profile and the ability to browse profiles invisibly.

Events: OkCupid.com hosts events for its users, such as trivia nights and speed dating events, to help users connect in real life.

OkCupid.com, OkCupid

Pros and Cons of OkCupid.com

Like any online dating platform, OkCupid.com has its pros and cons. Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of using the platform:


Advanced Matching Algorithm: OkCupid.com’s matching algorithm is one of the most advanced in the industry, making it easier for users to find compatible matches.

Extensive User Profiles: The platform allows users to create detailed profiles, which can provide valuable insight into a potential match’s interests, personality, and lifestyle.

Messaging: OkCupid.com’s messaging system makes it easy for users to communicate with their matches and get to know them better.

DoubleTake: The DoubleTake feature provides users with a quick and easy way to browse through potential matches and connect with those they are interested in.

Events: OkCupid.com’s events offer users the opportunity to connect with potential matches in real life, making it easier to form meaningful connections.


Limited Free Features: While OkCupid.com offers a range of features for free, some of the more advanced features require a paid subscription.

Potentially Overwhelming: With so many users and features available, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and spend too much time on the platform.

Fake Profiles: Like any dating platform, OkCupid.com has its share of fake profiles, which can make it difficult to determine which matches are genuine.

Lack of Screening: Unlike some other dating platforms, OkCupid.com does not screen its users, which can make it easier for scammers and fake profiles to slip through the cracks.

Overall, OkCupid.com is a solid dating platform with a range of features designed to help users find compatible matches. While it does have its drawbacks, the platform’s advanced matching algorithm and extensive user profiles make it a popular choice for online daters.

Success Stories

OkCupid.com has a long history of success stories, with many users finding meaningful relationships and even getting married thanks to the platform. Here are a few examples:

Anna and Pete: Anna and Pete met on OkCupid.com in 2014 and quickly hit it off. After a few months of chatting online, they decided to meet in person and went on their first date. From there, their relationship blossomed, and they eventually moved in together. In 2018, they got engaged and are now planning their wedding.

Emma and Jack: Emma and Jack were both living in New York City when they matched on OkCupid.com in 2016. They quickly realized they had a lot in common, including a love of music and a shared sense of humor. After a few weeks of messaging, they met up for a first date and hit it off. They have been together ever since and recently celebrated their three-year anniversary.

Sarah and Michael: Sarah and Michael both had busy careers and found it hard to meet people in person. They both decided to try online dating and matched on OkCupid.com in 2017. After chatting online for a few days, they met up for a first date and felt an immediate connection. They have been together ever since and are now happily living together.


OkCupid.com is a popular and reliable dating platform that offers a range of features to help users find meaningful connections with others. From in-depth profiles to advanced matching algorithms, the platform provides a unique and personalized experience for those looking for love online.

While there are some drawbacks to using OkCupid.com, such as the potential for fake profiles and the time commitment required to create a detailed profile, the pros outweigh the cons for many users. The platform’s success stories speak for themselves, with countless couples finding love and happiness thanks to the site.

Overall, if you’re looking for a dating site that offers a more in-depth and personalized experience, OkCupid.com is definitely worth considering. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or just a casual fling, the platform has something to offer for everyone.



Frequently Asked Questions


What if I am not able to find out the profile of my choice?

No need to worry if you are not able to find the right person for your match. Just browse through the profiles and you will find a perfect match for your search.

Is it possible to take a break from the portal?

If you have a busy schedule and not have enough time to browse through the content, don't worry. Whenever you feel ok, you can simply take a break.

Is it possible to put privacy on profile?

Yes. There is an option available in the profile that will help you to put privacy on your profile.

How OkCupid.com works?

OkCupid is probably the best dating site. There is a good percentage of active members on the dating site. You can easily sign up on OkCupid and just fill in basic information about yourself. After that you need to answer OkCupid's questionnaire that asks about your interest.

Is OkCupid.com really work?

It depends how you use what they offer. You need to provide correct information about yourself and also provide your interest so they give you a perfect match to you.

What are key features of OkCupid.com?

There are many features of OkCupid the main features are

Simple registration

Free membership

Upgrade to get extra features

Double Take

See Who You like Boost is an add-on feature where your OkCupid profile gets highlighted.

How does OkCupid.com messaging work?

OkCupid allows its users to interact without having to pay a premium fee. In the Search, the page sees who is online visits their profile, and sends a message.

There is also the Quickmatch feature, which offers compatible matching profiles that you can pass on or press like to explore further.

Is OkCupid premium membership is expensive?

OkCupid offers two kinds of premium membership.

The first one is A-List Basic and

The second one is the A-List Premium.

You can also buy Boost service which highlights your profile and shows it to more users in 30 minutes.

Is OkCupid.com totally free?

No, it's not just basic features are Free. Joining and sending messages to members are free and some basic features are free. To access the whole app and the website you need to purchase a membership.

What are free services in OkCupid.com?

OkCupid offers basic free services. These services are Account registration Messaging other users Keeping track of who you like Match searching Participating in Double Take Browse member profiles Use of basic search filters.

What is the cost of A-List Premium Subscription on OkCupid?

OkCupid offers A-List Premium Subscription where you can access full features of the app.

The cost of a List Premium Membership is

1 Month 24.90 $ / Month

3 Months 22.90 $ / Month

6 Months 19.90 $ / Month

What are Cons of OkCupid.com?

Cons Potentially people aren’t taking it seriously as it’s free to register to Have to pay to get the full functionality of the site OkCupid only works properly if you live in a big American city.

Not as much selection in smaller cities or towns

What's the success rate for OkCupid.com?

It depends on the area as well as age group. OkCupid mainly popular on big cities so small town singles are not success anymore.



When you are utilizing this portal. It is a suggestion that you never share your information with any random people until and unless you are comfortable. Sometimes it happens that people utilize your information on their own. And in the end, you consider the portal to be responsible for the same. Therefore, if you don’t want yourself to be part of such a situation, always share your personal details with people whom you can trust easily. If you notice any difficulty or feel like the other person is behaving unknowingly with you. Then just report the same to the help center so that they can remove the profile forever.

Overall, it is right to conclude that OkCupid.com is one of the best portals available for all the users out there who are looking for someone who can understand them in their hard times. There will be no problems after using this online dating portal. The developers have paid attention to the interface of the portal as well. So you will not face any difficulty in breathing through the profiles. If this is happening, then don’t worry, because sometimes this happens due to device incompatibility. Update the software of your device and be ready to browse through this wonderful portal to find out the love of your life. Make your profile and start browsing!


Website: www OkCupid com

Phone Number: +1-214-853-4309

Address: 39 W 14th St Ste 502,
New York NY, 10011

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Site is full of fake profiles

Site is full of fake profiles. Many fake likes and conversations. You can tell the conversation isn’t real. Answers given either don’t make sense or are intentionally vague and provide zero depth and go nowhere. If you are discerning about your potential match, I would avoid this site. Not saying there isn’t romance to be had on there, but it’s not even close to the way commercials represent this site.

This site feeds you

This site feeds you, people who appeal to your selection, once you communicate with them on a free messaging basis, you lose contact, then you pay and their profile is no longer found. This has happened a number of times, I initially gave it just a fluke chance, but it has happened more than once, in addition, I have given my preference and repeatedly my box is filled with those outside of my preference. I have more than just an inkling this is the method of which they work. They should not be allowed to charge for their services because it is never up to par. Basically they sucker you in then charge you and want to keep charging you annually if you don’t cancel, it’s a gimmick.

OKCupid closed my profile

They closed my profile for NO obvious reason ! I asked them for explanations and evidences and they just ignored me ! That imbecile behavior of OKC is totally unacceptable and these people should get punishment and penalties for their arbitrary and offensive actions ! Moreover, when in the past I pointed out to them that they deteriorate the site and they did wrong alterations to it, they also didn’t pay any attention to my suggestions !

I cant login anymore on OKCupid.com

I cant login anymore, the system asks for sms verification but it says the phone is already connected to another account, tried with the customer service but they suddenly stopped any communication, after a first ‘we will investigate’ they just don’t answer to me, several days have passed since that.

OKCupid Absoultely awful app

The app/website has dropped off significantly since they removed the search/filter options! I am childfree and the match system always matches me with women who want children! Absoultely awful app/website but others aren’t much better either.

OKCupid.com is Scam

Despite being a guy who, as my match settings made clear, would happily date someone like Blaire White, I was banned for not being woke enough. It seems they’ve been banning anyone who is so much as half a degree to the right of the political spectrum, even though they provided the opportunity to select your political persuasion in your profile. Maybe this was their way of weeding us out?

OKCupid obviously not safe

It’s obviously not safe because the site is being hacked regularly. Then, they tend to overcharge and sometimes ban you for no reason. I joined AdultsFun.club – they treat their customers way better and – I should have put this first – they have real people’s profiles: women respond to my messages, chat and contact information requests. Instead of getting rid of fake profiles , OkCupid prefer to ban their paying members – it’s not a site, it’s a bad joke!


I paid for a 1 month and they had them same Woman RECOMMENDED to me every day for the whole month. NO NEW RECOMENDATIONS. Their subscribers must have been limited because I kept receiving the same Woman over and over every day.

Not worth the money

Run, sprint to another Web site, this one is not worth the money

Refund policy is a rip off

Their cancellation and refund policy is a rip off. Get ready to jump through fire if you want to cancel. Obviously the reason why so many people want to leave is because this site is inefficient and useless. This site didn’t work out for me and many other people according to the reviews. I suspect they actually don’t aim at providing any dating services. They are focused on conning you out of your hard-earned money by overcharging you and keeping you on automatic renewals until you notice it and start struggling to stop them from taking your money with impunity.

Some of them are nasty

They dont talk to you ever they disappear and when you dont give them the info they want they disappear. Some of them are nasty

Crappy site!

Word of advise: take out cash from you account and burn that money or give it to some poor person or go smoke, rather than spend money it on the website.

This site is a complete rip off

This site is a complete rip off and there was absolutely nothing special about the platform or the matches. Many employ profiles, was unable to control the distance (minimum is 50 miles!). Customer service refused to address my concerns and instead just kept sending me useless advice, such as I should ask matches to upload photos! I don’t think so.

This platform is very disappointing

This platform is very disappointing. Premium membership is a snare for people trying to date online. Frequently receive false likes from all sorts of people. The Android mobile app is buggy and unrefined. The website isn’t much better. Professional robbery.

Do not waste your time

Do not waste your time or money on this app. The terms and conditions are misleading, particularly if you choose to sign up for a premium membership. You can’t see members’ profiles until you sign up, and if cannot find what you are looking for, you will still have to pay the full price of the contract. There is no 14-day cooling-off period that is honored, except for a few American states.

The system is rigged

I know you might say just do not use them but if no one complains then they just go on and scam more people. So if my review save one person from paying this company then I am happy. The CEO of this company is a billionaire now and laughing all the way to the bank. The system is rigged

It does not do serious at all!

If I could give this dating website a zero I would! Raving reviews on this site but I’m sorry there is nothing to rave here. They don’t even match people to your likes and interests. II had to deactivate my account and cancel my subscription, which is still active and will only expire in Jan 2022. Please go elsewhere if you are looking for something serious because it does not do serious at all!


Some users just want friends with benefits type if relationship

It is going well

This is a good dating app I met someone and it is going well

I'm unhappy with my experience.

I’m unhappy with my experience.

They steel your money.

The worst dating site ever. They steel your money.

I say avoid this site

I say avoid this site at all costs its as fake as they come.

Who’s monitoring this crap

If there’s one thing I hate is scammers. Low life dogs. The thing is , they think they’re doing a great job scamming. It’s not hard to tell. Things like, “hey honey you be love me “ or “ hey handsome please love you me too “ crap like that . This is the worst for scammers . Who’s monitoring this crap !!!??

We had immediate chemistry

I found the perfect match for me on this site… we had immediate chemistry and connection on the our 1st date.

I met some very nice women

I met some very nice women had a bit of fun very easy and quick to met new people and l met someone special who will be my friend for a long time.

Keep it up.

I had been looking for a site that could help me find a partner for quite a while. After being scammed so many times, I almost gave up. Until my friend suggested me this site. I have never been more satisfied with all the privacy and security from this kind of website. Good work guys! Keep it up.

A place for real people

Finally, a dating site where you are not offended by fake profiles. A place for real people. And should a fake sneak in, the admin is quick to respond.

Customer service is superb!

Customer service is superb!

Thanks guys

Met the man I’ve been waiting for for a very long time! 8 years on and off sites being single but this website got it spot on! Thanks guys

Good dating service

Good dating service

I love the work

I am very happy to come across this kind of dating agency. It is very hard to find something like this that not only gives interested matches that go with your taste and preferance but also offers assistance. I love the work being done here, keep it up. Try it!

It was easy to set up my profile

It was easy to set up my profile and I got messages pretty quickly. Seems like there’s a large and diverse user base, which to me is the most important aspect of a dating site. If I become single again, I would definitely use the site again.

Total rip off

Total rip off. Does anyone know if this scamming dating site is owned by an overseas company that, if so who. Australian government needs to regulate these crooks. Unsubscribing is very difficult. Beware!!!

Dont waste your money

Dont waste your money. Some messages I received were not real.

All working fine!!

Although you have to be careful with who you meet online, on my case I was very fortunate to have met someone a like me and we are 1 year in the making, all working fine!!

Was a complete waste of money

Was a complete waste of money. It’s constant offers to ‘upgrade’ for more money. I get emails saying I have ‘messages’ but when I go to the site, there are none. There are messages saying specific people ‘want to meet you’ but going there, none. The few messages I’ve gotten, I’ve responded to with no reply which makes me think they are not going through. I’ve tried to contact the company but just go round in circles.

Wasted my time and money on this

It seems like a lot of weirdos and scammers are on this site. Very sad I wasted my time and money on this.

I will not recommend this to anyone

Every man I have met on the Okcupid.com WEBSITE either wanted money Itune cards or Amazon cards money or nude pictures I am very disappointed with this Web site and I can’t even get into my account now and I send a email to reset my password and I get nothing from them I will not recommend this to anyone I know as far as I am concerned this is a bad website maybe the NEWS needs to do a report on this website

They really should get 0 stars.

They really should get 0 stars.

A lot of fake accounts

A lot of fake accounts just by girls

Okcupid is a fake site

I found it very difficult in the 3 months that I belonged to this site to get a response from men I sent messages to. Only 1 percent of my messages were returned. No, I am not hard on the eyes! When I attempted to address this in my profile, it was not approved for posting by their committee.

Bogus Site

This dating site just does not work. The matches are abominable and you only see if someone is interested in you if you also “like” them. If someone sends you a message, you don’t see it unless you also happen to see their profile and like them too. Who decided to filter my messages?? It’s crazy. People are leaving this dating site in droves. Whatever you do, don’t pay for any services because they are bogus.

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