You Won’t Build A Relationship by Pretending to be Someone You Are Not

Let’s Start With Two Facts:

Fact 1: Not always the people you Build A Relationship want will want you.
Fact 2: Not everyone can come to terms with it.

Today we will talk about the Build A Relationship latter situation, because the people who find themselves in it will often do anything to change it. In this case, “everything” means pretending to be someone you are not and playing games.

That’s not really surprising, because even a quick internet search will lead to a lot of advice, such as: “Say this, but not the other. Please wait 3.76 days before calling. Smile, but not too much. Imitate someone else’s body language. Be mysterious. “

I try not to use profanity on this blog, but now I’ll make an exception and give you some important advice – fuck it.

If you still care about sex itself, it’s half the trouble. Thanks to this, maybe you will actually gain someone else’s interest and it will not turn out to be just an illusion. However, in the case of a relationship, it is a shot in the knee.

I know you don’t want to make a mistake, but by behaving this way, you are like a dog barking at a passing car and trying to catch it, but there is no plan of what to do when it does. In your case, you don’t ask yourself what you will do if you get that person by pretending to be someone you are not.

Well, if you don’t know this, I’ll tell you how it goes.

1. You will attract the wrong person

It’s not that if someone doesn’t want you, it means you fit together.

Rather, people are like these baby sorters where you have different circles, squares and stars that you have to push through the right holes. It is clear that you shouldn’t force a square into a round hole, and children who do so seem unwise.

The problem is, when you like someone who is not reciprocal, you often do what these kids do. You forget about everything that distinguishes you and you adjust to other people’s requirements.

If you act like you are not, you attract people who are looking for the qualities you claim, not the qualities you actually have. In this way, you build a relationship with someone who is not compatible with you and will not give you what you want to experience in the relationship.

Build A Relationship by Pretending to be Someone You Are Not

2. Your story becomes a delay bomb

I know that sometimes it is painful to let go of a relationship with someone, but I can assure you that it will be much less painful to give up on that person after five great SharekAlomre conversations than to break up a relationship into which you will put five years of effort and emotion.

Few are aware of this mechanism, but the beginning of meeting acts like a trap. It seems to have no consequences. It also seems that you can always withdraw.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, and makeshift, temporary relationships described as “for a while” and “not for real” turn out to be surprisingly permanent. This is due to oxytocin, which your body releases during each day spent together and after each touch, and which is responsible for attachment.

If it weren’t for her, entering into a relationship with a mismatched person would be like buying two left shoes inadvertently – awkward but easy to unscrew. But she makes it very complicated by tying you up with someone you have to pretend to be with.

As a result, you get emotionally involved in a relationship in which you have to “play” the other person, because as soon as you stop doing it, that relationship is over. And considering you can’t pretend forever, it will eventually happen anyway. The emotional bomb will explode and the gap created by it will not be filled with two bottles of wine and the words: “Her / his loss”.

3. You make you don’t know who you are dating – Build A Relationship

If someone asks me why relationships are so confusing, number one on the list of reasons is thinking that it is enough to enter into a relationship with someone and then live happily ever after. So you can pretend to be a different person, play games and avoid honest, clear communication, because in the popular approach to love it does not matter.

And then you look at the real world and see that this is exactly the approach that allows you to get into a relationship with the most fucked-up person in the world without knowing it.

This is the reason why you discover who you really are after many years. You start dating someone who impresses you with ambition, and later it turns out that he is only lying on the bed and only in his thoughts achieves everything. You look at someone and you ask yourself, “How is it possible that this person is different from what they seem to be?” Really. I have no idea. (It’s sarcasm.)

I know it could work at a time when relationships were for life, or when someone was pregnant was enough to seal a marriage. Only those times are gone and they will not come back, and this tactic results in being deceived and the unpleasant awareness that you are with someone you don’t know. So if you don’t look – the opposite of what you start to be with someone for.

I bet this isn’t the world you want to live in, so don’t add another brick to it.

Then what to do instead? – Build A Relationship

This is an important question because it is very possible that you are not the person you want to be and therefore not the person you want to show others. Confused, broken internally, with problems that you don’t remove. I see. If someone had the keys to the minds of others, they would see that everyone is slightly different from what they would like to be.

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It does not change the fact that these images can be totally different or largely overlap. Make sure that this is the latter case for you, and do it BEFORE you meet someone. Remove what you don’t like about yourself, become someone you can rely on and become your greatest ally.

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