When moving to Marry A German at the call of your heart, you must remember. That the romance and novelty of the first months of life in a new country eventually. Give way to everyday life. In order for a woman. Who married review a German and move to live in Germany to feel confident and comfortable in a new country. She must gradually integrate into a new society.

Integration into a new society or socialization of an individual in. A new society is a rather individual process of adaptation in society, in a new social environment. It includes accepting the values ​​and norms establish in a give country. Mastering skills (for example, learning the official language of the country). That allow them to live, work, communicate with other people – in other words, successfully “function” in the new society. The first “steps” after moving to Germany are obtaining a residence permit, learning German, finding first friends, obtaining a work permit and finding a suitable occupation.

Legislation in the field of immigrant integration in Germany is well develope and works well.

Important German institutions responsible for the preparation of documents for the stay of foreigners in the country, language learning and job search:

  • Ausländerbehörde;
  • Volkshochschule;
  • Agentur fur Arbeit.


Marry A German

Ausländerbehörde (Immigration Service) is a government agency dealing with the legal issues of the stay of immigrants in Germany. For example, obtaining a residence permit and a work permit. The Immigration Elitesingles  Service works with foreigners who live (actually reside) in Germany, and draws up “invitations” for a visitor visa – a document on the assumption by a German citizen of an official obligation for the invited person. Before entering the territory of Germany, for registration of entry documents, you must contact the diplomatic missions of Germany in your country. We indicated the website address of the German diplomatic missions in the Russian Federation in the article “About Germany, about visas, about learning the German language: useful links” .

Important: after you have entered Germany as the wife or fiancée of a German citizen , you need to visit the local immigration office. The staff will explain to you what is required to obtain a residence permit and a work permit.

Integration Begins with Learning The Language, Values ​​and Norms of The Country, Rights and Obligations

Without knowing the language of the country, it is impossible to successfully integrate into society, and therefore feel comfortable in the country. Daily communication, shopping, visiting government offices or successfully looking for a job – all this is connected with the knowledge of the language. For this reason, for the first time, after moving to Germany, we advise you to focus on mastering the German language.

Passing language courses in Germany is mandatory for immigrants. The decision on the need for a foreign citizen to take a language and integration course, in each individual case, is made by an immigration officer, and depends on the applicant’s level of German language proficiency (providing a certificate of passing a foreign language proficiency test of a certain level).

At home, the language is not taught in Germany, since it is important for the immigration service and employers to officially confirm language skills – a certificate of successful passing of a language exam. Therefore, it is best to learn German in a language school, where an exam is held at the end of the language course. Fortunately, there is a large selection of courses and schools for foreigners to study German in Germany.


Apart From The Language Course, Many Foreigners are Offered an integration course.

This is a course that helps a foreign citizen to begin to better navigate German society. The program of this course includes coverage of the most necessary information about the country and life in it, about the basics of legislation, about the rights and obligations of citizens and visitors.

Both types of courses (integration and language) are presented in an institution named Volkshochschule (literally, the name of this institution can be translated as “people’s school”, “people’s university”). This is a very common type of educational institution in Germany and, unlike many well-known language schools (for example, Goethe Institut or Berlitz Schule, whose branches are usually located only in big cities), it is represented in most regions and regions of the country.

At the end of both courses, an exam is held: for knowledge of the German language level B1 and confirmation of the assimilation of the material of the integration course. In case of successful passing of both exams, a certificate is issued, which must be submitted to the immigration service.

We Noted The Importance of Learning and Knowing – Marry A German

The German language before formalizing relations with a German citizen in. The article “When to start learning a foreign language: before or after meeting a foreigner?” Recall that regardless of the state in which the marriage was / will be concluded with a German, if the couple plans to permanently reside in Germany. The wife / fiancée of a German citizen. When obtaining an entry visa at the German diplomatic mission. Must present a certificate confirming the possession German at level A1.

The first acquaintances in Germany can be made in a language or integration course. Due to the fact that all course participants are foreigners. It is very easy to find a common language. Communication with other people helps to overcome. The language barrier and the fear of making mistakes.

Advice to All Women Whose German Husband Speaks Russian.

You will learn German not only at school, but also through communication with your husband and his family. If the husband speaks Russian at a level sufficient for everyday communication, this is very convenient. However, language learning often begins with little things, it starts at home at the household level. In this regard, we would like to advise you to conduct all home conversations in German – this will help you quickly master the language and overcome the language barrier. Communicating at home in Russian, it is difficult to get used to the German language, remember new words, and, accordingly, learning will be more difficult and take more time.

Job Search – Marry A German

There is a high probability that, having change. The country of residence, the wife of a German citizen will have to change the type of activity. The professional activity in. Which she was engage in her homeland may not in demand in Europe or will require additional qualifications. Becoming a housewife is a tempting alternative to working days. However, for a woman who is accustomed to lead an active lifestyle, to be self-sufficient and independent, such a change in occupation can eventually lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction and even disappointment.

After obtaining a work permit in the immigration service. It will be useful to visit the (literal translation “work agency”). This is a public service. That provides employment assistance. Immigrants with a work permit in Germany can register. As job seekers and get advice from an employee. services are free of charge. At the consultation, guide by the biography, level of education and work skills of the applicant. The employee will be able to talk about professional prospects in Germany. About the possibility of retraining or learning another profession. At you can also find out about state funding programs for retraining. Job seekers register with as job seekers receive job offers with employer contact information so. They can schedule an interview themselves.


Before moving to Germany, take care of the documents on. Education (school certificate, documents on graduation from a higher educational institution). All educational documents must be apostilled. Apostille is a stamp confirming the authenticity of a document. It is necessary if you intend to use documents in another country. For example, to enter a higher educational institution or to confirm Marry A German qualifications for an employer. An apostille can be placed by the institution that issued the document.

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