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How to Approach A Girl on Instagram?

Ah, the magic of social networks! If initially, our A Girl on Instagram accounts were only used to share our photos. Our trips, our meals and more broadly our favorites. They quickly became flirting platforms in their own right. So how do you approach a girl on Instagram ? We give you all our good tips, all you have to do is say thank you!

Approaching a girl on Instagram: flirting 2.0

We live in an unprecedented era where the codes related to seduction have changed completely in a very short time. The dredge becomes 2.0, which for some is rather good news. Indeed. Digital seduction often makes the task easier for the most timid. Even if let’s face it, it still requires a DilMil good dose of courage. Nevertheless, what is commonly called a rake seems easier to digest through interposed screens than in the street, face to face.

Among our favorite social networks, Instagram is in pole position. We love it because it is hyper visual, and above all, it allows us to discover a multitude of profiles. And even sometimes to come across real nuggets. Many women no longer hesitate to post photos of all kinds: from a simple selfie to their look of the day (also known as the hashtag #ootd for outfit of the day) through their passions and other moments. stolen. And then too bad if you spend a lot. A lot too much time there… Instagram has quickly become a playground, and sometimes even the ideal place to meet new people.

To approach a girl on Instagram , you must first know what situation you are in. Have you come across this woman “in real life” (or “irl ” – in real life – for the most geeks among you) and managed to find her Instagram profile? Or on the contrary, have you had a crush on a girl you don’t know. Getting lost one evening on Instagram, going from profile to profile? Either way, there are some things to do (and in this case, not to do) before approaching that special girl on Instagram . So get your blue light blocking glasses, and read us carefully.

How to Approach A Girl on Instagram

Instagram profile: a mine of information

Above all, you will have to be meticulous in your research and your deductions. The first step, and not the least, will be to analyze the profile of your target. What do you want to know? If she is in a relationship or if she is single, of course! Some girls are less discreet than others, and won’t miss an opportunity to flaunt their lover, sometimes even mentioning their boyfriend directly in their Instagram DilMil.Co profile bio . See a padlock emoji? Go right away, don’t even try to follow, don’t go through square one, don’t receive 20,000 francs.

But the in-depth analysis of the Instagram profile of your crush should not only be used to establish its possible status. In reality, an Instagram profile says a lot, and can turn out to be a real gold mine of information for anyone who wants to see it. Navigating from post to post, you will be able to learn more about his hobbies, his favorites, his desires, his musical tastes, and sometimes even his culinary preferences. Always good to know if you have the chance to arouse his interest to the point of landing a date ! But above all, this crucial information will allow you to approach this girl on Instagram having a head start and therefore, being much more serene.

Approaching a girl on Instagram: the passage to the act

Once said profile has been observed in length, width and across, it is time to take action . Know her list of subscribers and her number of subscriptions by heart. You know her closest friends without ever having met them thanks to the untimely identifications of their lunches on the terrace. You know that she likes exhibitions but that she hates cinema. That her favorite season is summer and that she dreams of living in Los Angeles… So what are you waiting for to start a conversation?

To approach this girl on Instagram , the challenge is going to be to be subtle and not to spread the extent of your knowledge about her, under penalty of going at best, for a weird guy, at worst, for a holy pervert. And let’s be honest: it could be understood! The first technique? The call of the headlights of course ! Start by liking some of his photos, almost randomly. Why almost? Because it is imperative for you to vary the pleasures and not only like the photos of them taken from all angles. 

The goal ? Show that you like his profile in its entirety, that you appreciate his talent for photography, to highlight the little things of everyday life. The rest, she’s not supposed to know! Then wait for the lady to take a look at your profile in return. There are also two options: either you put your profile in public, or you go private, while taking care to illustrate your Instagram profile with your most beautiful photo. Normally, this should arouse his curiosity and make it easier to follow!

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Once this woman, who makes your heart beat, in turn likes a few photos posted on your profile, you will only have to follow her officially. Then will begin a little game of comments, well-chosen emojis, reactions to stories… By gradually integrating her daily life casually, she will have the strange impression of knowing you, and you can then approach her in a message. private on Instagram to offer him a drink or a dinner, without taking the risk of having you fail. The advantage is that by dint of having studied his page, you even know his favorite restaurant. Rather clever, isn’t it?

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