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How to Drive A Man Crazy By Text: The Long Distance Relationship

Congratulation ! The Long Distance Relationship Your efforts have paid off. And you have (finally) met the man who makes your little heart beat. If the beginnings of stories are often idyllic (butterflies in the belly, stars in the eyes and tutti quanti). One thing is certain: you absolutely must not stay on your achievements .

With the health crisis and the COVID-19 epidemic, dating has changed a lot in one year. And dating sites such as Meetic have seen their attendance explode. Social distancing obliges. Many chilled lovers have therefore had to start a sentimental relationship while being distant. The challenge ? Maintain the flame and continue to arouse interest. All without seeing each other… It’s not always easy to get out of the routine SharekAlomre and conversations that sometimes revolve. A little too much around daily life: “How are you? ” , “How was your day? ” , “What are you doing? » … Moreover,

precursors in terms of long-distance relationships. You had already been entrusted with our Top 5 text messages to make him crack , with our little favorite: “I wanted to send you all my love by text message. But my phone company told me the file was too big. Funny and daring! So to make a man The Long Distance Relationship crazy in love. Believe us: forget any type of spell or love potion, nothing better than the good old sms to make his head spin!

How to Drive A Man Crazy By Text The Long Distance Relationship

How to Drive A Man Crazy By Text: The Long Distance Relationship

You must know the old adage: “Flee me I follow you, follow me I flee you”. And for good reason ! This technique has proven itself more than once. Provided of course that you master it well and above all. That you don’t suffer from it! So to drive a man crazy by text. Nothing like putting a little distance for example:

  • Waiting a certain amount of time before answering his text. It’s up to you to see what suits you best and what you are most in agreement with: 20 minutes. 2 hours, a whole day? Be careful, however, not to exceed the limits and not to scare him away for good!
  • Don’t always hear from him . Even if you’re dying to, don’t rush head over heels to your phone to text her every two minutes. Even if you think a lot (a lot) of him. The risk ? Let him get bored and take you for granted!


  • Put some distance in your answers . Attention there too, it is a question of knowing how to dose. Vary the pleasures between pretty and sweet messages. Compliments and declarations, and short answers. Poor guy, he won’t know where to turn (and after all, wouldn’t that be a first sign of love madness?!).
  • Play the mystery card . The power of the mysterious woman no longer needs to be proven. Go find out why, men love having the impression of not being able to fully understand you. Of still having things to learn about you, and above all, of not being really sure that you like them. Nothing could be simpler. Deploy your joker card: the mystery. When you start a fairly banal discussion. Don’t hesitate to cut it short with an answer that casts doubt: “sorry, I have to leave you. I have something to do” , “I’ll answer you later, I’m busy » , « I am not alone, I am writing to you later ».Messages that SharekAlomre.Com may seem innocuous, but which will have the power to sow doubt (and trouble!) in the gentleman. We bet you that this technique will drive him crazy !

How to Drive A Man Crazy By Text: The Naughty Message

If there’s one thing that can drive a man crazy by texting in a jiffy, it’s the naughty message. There again several possibilities, but if you want to titillate it and keep it in the long term, we can only advise you to go there with parsimony: suggesting does not mean showing everything (nor saying everything!).

Once your relationship with this man who is so special to you has started well, you feel confident enough, then you can go into the field of playfulness. Sensual or downright daring and assumed allusions, it’s up to you to see what appeals to you the most. This is also why we advised you this torrid sms : “I would make love to you not all night, but all life” . Be careful, keep in mind that this only The Long Distance Relationship works if you are already in a relationship with the person who makes your heart beat, otherwise you will scare him and make him run away forever!


And even if words are super important to break the ice, and are more and more so in a relationship, some photos still speak for themselves. So to drive a man crazy by text , we can only advise you to go through the sexy photo. Only we warn you: it is absolutely necessary that you have confidence in your partner and / or that you can completely assume the said photo if it were to unfortunately leak.

To take no risk, and once again, because we remain convinced that not showing everything is much sexier than revealing everything, choose a pretty pose, pretty lingerie and a light that will enhance your body. Don’t take yourself in your entirety, bet instead on details that will excite you just as well: your bare shoulder, your neck or even your mouth… be original and spontaneous and we promise you, it will drive the man who makes you crazy . dream !

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