21 People Reveal Why They Don’t Use Dating Apps – And How They Meet People Instead

Posted On : November 4, 2020

There is a great buzz about dating on the internet. It’s observed that most contemporary individuals are using dating apps or dating websites for finding a dream partner online. However, it’s true meeting people online is easier and faster, but still, there are individuals who avoid using online dating.

Yes, it’s true that there are people who find a date even without using dating apps or dating websites. Is it really possible to learn how to meet guys without online dating? If yes, it’s possible. Even there are people who avoid using online dating apps and websites like Russianbrides.com.

Do you still have doubts about the same? If so, then you need to read about 21 people who reveal why they don’t use dating apps or websites, and how they meet people offline.

21 people who reveal why they don’t use dating apps or websites

1 – Lisa J. Costa, California, USA

However, most of the friends love using different types of apps and sites to meet hot boys online, but I avoid doing so. Once I was using an online dating site, but I had to cope with a bad experience. The dating site I was using shared my information with third-party companies. So, I had to deal with lots of unwanted emails and calls.

Now, I usually visit the nearest bar or dancing club to meet new partners. I just don’t want to use internet apps and sites for dating. I find this online stuff completely unsafe. Since I don’t want to compromise my privacy, I avoid downloading dating apps or signing up for a dating website.

2 – Shuchi Nagrale, Mumbai, India

When I first signed up for a free dating site, I thought that it could be a great experience. But to my surprised, I had to deal with lots of fake profiles of men. Most of the boys from different countries just wanted to hook me up.

I decided to leave the online dating world as I wanted to find someone who could love and care about me. Now, I just rely on social gathering places such as clubs, corporate parties, and other public places to meet new people.

3 – Johney S. Doglas, Los Angles

When I joined an online dating platform, I had been told to be pay when I used a specific dating feature. But I had to pay monthly charges even if I didn’t use them. So, I decided to avoid using dating apps and sites.

Now, I know how to date even without using dating apps and sites. I go to meet new people at my nearby places.

4 – Charles D. Rouge, Illinois

I always wanted to learn how to meet guys without online dating. The key reason behind this situation was that I had to cope with a bad experience using a dating app. When I downloaded a free dating app, I had to compromise with my personal details. Now, I am using the traditional way of meeting people offline.

5 – Marcos C. Nogeriala, UK

Here in the UK, women don’t want to meet boys who don’t reveal their personal information. Once I prefer meeting people online, but I hardly find a girl nearby. So, I decided to leave the idea of finding a date online. Instead, I started searching for girls nearby. For this, I started using social networking sites and other mainstream options.

6 – Saleh H. Nomaka, Turkey

There was a time when I used to enjoy online dating, but the problem was the money. I found it really expensive to use online dating. Now, I use local dating services to find a date.

7 – Verdarajan Murdiliyar, New York, USA

Being an NRI, I tried online dating for meeting people online, but I couldn’t grab the desired success. I noticed that most of the dating sites provide dating bot or machine. Now, I just use social media to meet girls near me.

8 – John S. Solinkeyi, Washington

I simply avoid using online dating apps and sites as they are expensive. Instead, I use local dating services to find girls nearby.

9 – Pinki Jain, Minnesota

While using dating apps and dating sites, I noticed that finding local boys is really tough. So, I decided to go with traditional ways of dating offline.

10 – Jinki Albaite, Philippines

If you want to learn how to meet guys without online dating, Philippines local dating services are the best option. I stopped using the dating app as it was stealing my personal information.

11 – Sharmila Seth, Nagpur, Mumbai

Being a housewife, I always wanted to hide my personal information, but unfortunately, it wasn’t possible with dating apps and sites. So, I decided to go with local dating or escort solutions.

12 – Ankit Srivastava, Software Engineer in USA

Dating apps and dating sites consume time and money. So, I decided to avoid using them. Now, I rely on offline meetings.

13 – Shouzia K. Nikolas, USA

I found dating sites and apps expensive and unsecured, so decide to use offline dating methods.

14 – Tarashaki Nikolahova, Japan

I wanted to meet girls from western countries, but dating apps couldn’t help me.

15 – Sonata J. Chaplin, USA

Meeting people online couldn’t help me learn how to find a date. Instead, I started using local dating solutions.

16 – Danny K. Soriayapa, Russia

 I wanted to date Asian girls, but couldn’t grab success using dating apps and sites.

17 – Dinesh S. Murti, India

Dating online is an expensive option. And free dating sites are useless.

18 – Simona J. Peterson, Australia

I don’t want to receive calls and messages from unknown people. So, decided to leave it.

19 – Walker S. Socker, Honolulu

It’s really difficult for elderly people to find young people for dating online.

20 – Susan Smith, USA

Dating without apps is really enjoyable as I don’t need to pay money. Since I was not finding the desired dream boy through online dating, I concluded that offline dating is a better option.

21 – Robert Mogambo, Slavic Iceland

Since I had to face dating fraud online, I decided to learn how to meet girls without online dating. Now, I am using local dating solutions to arrange girls for my entertainment.

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