Russianbrides Review Review Is It a Scam Is It a Scam? Russian bride’s dot com is part of a larger network called or Anastasia international. The thing to understand with all of these mail order bride sites is that. They have to work hard in order to protect both parties. If one party example the Russian woman turns out to be a scam artist Anastasia international can be held liable also on the flip side of the coin. If the American male turns out to be a wanted man again Anastasia international could be held liable for damages. Its little details like this make these types of sites the way they are. I never recommend going this route unless you have plans to actually meet in this case the Russian mail-order bride in person.

Too many men sign up for sites such as with unrealistic expectations in mind. In fact, the majority of the men that sign up for these services have no intention of meeting the lovely ladies. What this does is that it hurt the agency’s reputation. In Russia remember that the agency has to advertise itself to the Russian and Ukrainian people to bring in members. Now after they’ve done this they have to find a way to keep the women from leaving. And also prevent women from having a broken heart. Because all it takes is one mismatch for most women to decide to discontinue using the service.

Russian Brides Reviews

Russian Brides Reviews – Is It a Scam

All this being said let’s bring it back to the honest American male looking for love who doesn’t understand. How this really works. He might get an unsolicited email from an agency stating that someone might be interested in him. This is where seriousness comes into play. Because in most instances these unsolicited emails won’t be responded to by the male member which if they were being sent by the Russian woman might cause her to lose interest or faith in the agency. This is the ugly business side of things and is the reason why some people call this industry as a whole a scam. We believe things could be better but nothing is perfect. I think if a man is serious about finding a partner he or she will do anything to make his/her dream a reality.

I do not think that is a scam by any means. However, my personal stance is that foreign affair offers a much better service for its users. The foreign affair has videos, live seminars, live help proved experience. And a much better team to cater to the needs of the average male looking for a foreign bride.

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